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la paniere d'Alexie
La paniere d'Alexie

Maxime Lacourse and La Panière d'Alexie

Almost a decade of flourishing friendship and a shared endeavor for the quintessence of the beautiful and the savory: herein lies the source of collaboration between Maxime Lacourse and the owners of La Panière d'Alexie.

A one of a kind bakery-café, La Panière d'Alexie sprung from the encounter of two artisans, Céline Labbé, a baker, and Michelle David, a pastry chef. Both dreamed of opening a bakery and an arts café similar to those of the last century in Paris, a place of longing for the artists to gather and celebrate around hearty and delightful meals. In 2009, after a few nomadic years, La Panière d'Alexie finally settled in the heart of the Oka village. The dream had been fulfilled.

Invited to partake in the adventure, Maxime designed a unique decor for the new bakery-café. The dining room, where freshly baked meals are served, has become the artist's personal exhibition gallery. His most recent paintings are exhibited in the manner of windows onto the artist's imaginary world. His work, paired with the elegantly furnished room, give the place a distinguished atmosphere and warmth. At its center, a grand piano comes alive when musicians and amateurs of all genres, among them sometimes the painter himself, loosen up their fingers and inspiration.

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