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Maxime Lacourse. Artist & Painter
Tél. : 450.472.6570

Maxime Lacourse has been exhibiting his paintings since 1990. His talent was first noticed at a very early age and his growing interest for the arts lead him, later on, to pursue studies at both college and university level in visual arts (1991-1998). Granted a scholarship from the Laval Foundation in Support for the Arts (Fondation de Soutien aux Arts de Laval) and from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation of Canada, he also received a mention of excellence from the Saint-Laurent College for his artistic performance.

While integrated in various artists groups, he contributed to many collective art shows, symposiums and art events, among them Passage d'artistes in Kashimo (Japan, 2004). Meanwhile, Maxime also undertook the creation of murals, theater set pieces, commercial sets, as well as cabinet designs, sculptures and ornamental creations for the Meubles Deneault company (1999-2004). Since 2005, Maxime is fully dedicated to his work as a painter and to preparing his upcoming exhibitions.

In June 2010, the creation of a ceiling fresco (Une fresque au plafond) earned him a full front page of the Mon Toît section of the daily newspaper La Presse.
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In 2011, he took part in a collective effort to build and decorate the bakery-café La Panière d'Alexie, relocated on 96 Notre-Dame in Oka. In the bakery's new dining room, one can examine an ongoing exhibit of Maxime's most recent paintings.
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Maxime's paintings are also shown at Galerie Michel Bigué, 315 rue Principal, St-Sauveur.

Approach & Statement
I explore themes like memory and nostalgia as well as space and time, through surrealist compositions with an oneiric feel, where my subjects can unveil their inner lives.

I am interested in the emotional charge of the self and in the instances of hope and willpower that motivate it. My paintings draw psychological and social portraits of chosen subjects. I position my characters on an undefined and monotone canvas, on which I also scatter symbolic elements that, tied together, illustrate the subject's familiar and everyday life. Altogether, a narrative is formed around the subject, one that is stricken by the symbolic of the bare canvas, and therefore emphasizes on the very nature and expression of the character.

It is also possible to conceive of the canvas as the infinite universe of the physical matter, where human life manifests itself, somewhere between the micro and the macroscopic, but also the open and closed space within us. In addition, I like to oppose the rough, physical matter of the canvas with ethereal figurative and miniaturized painted elements. Traces and details left at random around these forms and figures contribute to evoking reminiscences or memories resurging to the surface.

I use oil paint, natural resin, color pigments beeswax, all of which are rich organic materials that translate well the subtlety, the richness and the complexity of these inner states.

Awards and distinctions
- Laureate, CLD Deux-Montagnes contest: creation of an art piece for the prefect room (Salle des Préfets).

- Laureate, City of Laval contest, creation of an outdoor mural for the Sainte-Rose de Laval's CLSC-CHSLD (local community/health service center).

- Scholarship granted by the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation of Canada.
- Two scholarships granted by the Laval Foundation in Support for the Arts (Fondation de Soutien aux Arts de Laval), 1992-1993.

- Solo exhibit (ongoing) at La Panière d'Alexie (Café & Bakery), Oka, since January 2011.
- Ongoing exhibit (permanent collection) at Galerie Blanche, Montreal, since August 2011.

- Solo exhibit at Galerie André-Benjamin-Papineau, Laval, April.
- Exhibit at Galerie Rouge-Tambour, Laval, 2010-2011.

- Solo exhibition at Ateliers d'Arts Studiolo, Sainte-Thérèse, December.

- Solo exhibit at Saint-Joseph-du-Lac's cultural center, December.

- Solo exhibit at Galerie Georges-Aimé-Dorion of the Maison Trestler, Vaudreuil-Dorion, July.

- Permanent exhibition, L'Ami du Collecteur, Montreal, since 1998.

- Solo exhibit, Galerie La Vieille Caserne, Laval, August.